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I am writing to remind you of the responsibility you have to [SPECIFY] (the Company) as a result of your lengthy service and involvement in key, confidential areas.

At the outset of your employment you executed an agreement relating to trade secrets, inventions and proprietary information which, in the Companys view, binds you beyond the cessation of your employment on [DATE]. A great deal of what you were involved in as senior manager, [SPECIFY], falls within this agreement which forbids you to disclose or utilize any proprietary or confidential information or trade secrets which you have acquired in respect of any business of the Company, its subsidiaries and affiliates or relating to any other dealings or affairs of the Company, including and but not limited to:

customer proposals;
customer contracts;
prices and price structures;
value statements and market positioning statements associated with the [SPECIFY] line of products.

The Company will be vigilant in assessing whether your new employer is enjoying an unfair commercial advantage vis--vis its competitors and the Company, and whether the above-referenced information may have been responsible for bestowing any such advantage.

I have confidence that you will conduct your affairs in the highest ethical fashion.

Sincerely yours,


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