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Texas Dallas Sindhu M. Alexander attorney Sindhu M. Alexander - Dallas, TX
  • Lawyer name:Sindhu M. Alexander - Dallas, TX
  • Address:6060 North Central Expressway Suite 500Dallas,TX
  • Phone:214-468-9187
  • Fax:214-764-0023
  • PostalCode:75206
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  • Areas of Practice:Criminal Law?100% DUI/DWI Criminal Law - Federal (White Collar Crime)

Texas DallasSindhu M. Alexander attorney Sindhu M. Alexander - Dallas, TX is a Very good lawyer practice area in Criminal Law?100% DUI/DWI Criminal Law - Federal (White Collar Crime) Expunctions Domestic Violence CPS Defense Assault Drug Offenses Juvenile Law Federal Crimes Violent Crimes Sex Crimes Probation Violations Intoxication Offenses ,Sindhu M. Alexander

if you have any problem in Expunctions Domestic Violence CPS Defense Assault Drug Offenses Juvenile Law Federal Crimes Violent Crimes Sex Crimes Probation Violations Intoxication Offenses ,please email to Sindhu M. Alexander or call 214-468-9187 or Go to our company directly(addr:6060 North Central Expressway Suite 500Dallas,TX) ,we will provide free legal advice for you.

  • Sindhu M. Alexander, Attorney and Counselor at Law

    Sindhu M. Alexander is a force to be reckoned with. She is an aggressive trial lawyer who is fully devoted to helping people accused of serious crimes in North Texas challenge the charges and avoid conviction. In more than a thousand cases, she has proven tremendous strength, ability, and determination to win.


    In 1995, Sindhu graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, majoring in philosophy and psychology. She then graduated from Southern Methodist University Law School in 1998 and began working as an Assistant District Attorney for Dallas County.

    Over her years as a prosecutor, she earned a reputation as an exceptional trial lawyer. She was quickly promoted to a felony prosecutor and then asked to join the Child Abuse section of the DA's office. She gained invaluable experience in cases involving the physical and sexual abuse of children.

    After thousands of successful cases, Sindhu opened her own criminal defense practice. Her dedication to aggressive, effective defense against state and federal charges was quickly recognized. She gained Board Certification as Criminal Law Specialist by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, in recognition of her superior knowledge and exceptional skills in her field of practice.

  • Southern Methodist University School of Law, Dallas, Texas, 1988 University of Texas, Austin, Texas, 1995Major: philosophyMajor: psychology

  • Sindhu M. Alexander is an experienced Dallas-Fort Worth criminal law attorney who represents clients aggressively throughout North Texas.

    A?1998 graduate of Southern Methodist University Law School, Sindhu has more than a decade of experience defending clients against misdemeanor and felony criminal charges, including DWI, sex crimes, child abuse, assault, domestic violence, and drug possession, distribution and sales. She has also helped clients expunge their criminal records and defends juveniles against criminal charges.

    Sindhu understands criminal law and how to defend her clients. She is board-certified as a criminal law specialist by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and is a former prosecutor for Dallas County (child abuse focus). She is familiar with the strategies and procedures that prosecutors use in court. She has handled thousands of criminal cases and is respected by her colleagues for her investigative skills, knowledge of criminal law, creative strategies and success in the courtroom.

    Sindhu Alexander knows how to prepare your criminal case, and if you retain her law firm, she will defend your rights aggressively at every stage in the legal process. She will do everything possible to mitigate the charges against you and to limit or eliminate any punishments or penalties.

    When A Conviction Is Not An Option, Call Sindhu M. Alexander

    Stop worrying about criminal charge. Let a professional handle it for you. For a free consultation with an effective criminal defense lawyer, contact Sindhu M. Alexander today at her offices in Dallas, Texas.

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