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Legal Dictionary,Contains all kinds of law basic knowledge and some case law interpretation

Included general legal nouns and the constitution, administrative law, civil and commercial law, economic law, family law, succession law, social law, criminal law and procedural law, judicial organic law, evidence law and other legal terms.Dictionary by category.Before the body of the classification of headwords table, at the end of the book attached to the headwords stroke index.Dictionary by classification only considering from easy to order, do not represent a certain subject system.

law dictionaries can serve various functions, The traditional law dictionary with definitions of legal terms serves to help users understand the legal texts they read (a communicative function) or to acquire knowledge about legal matters independent of any text (a cognitive function) – such law dictionaries are usually monolingual. Bilingual law dictionaries may also serve a variety of functions. First, they may have entry words in one language and definitions in another language – these dictionaries give help to understand legal texts, usually written in a foreign language, and to acquire knowledge, usually about a foreign legal system. Second, bilingual law dictionaries with entry words in one language and equivalents in another language provide help to translate legal texts, into or from a foreign language, and sometimes also to produce legal texts, usually in a foreign language

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