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Kentucky Louisville Bonita K Baker attorney Bonita K Baker - Louisville, KY
  • Lawyer name:Bonita K Baker - Louisville, KY
  • Address:730 W. Market Street Suite 400Louisville,KY
  • Phone:502-442-7956
  • Fax:502-582-8464
  • PostalCode:40202
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  • Areas of Practice:Family

Kentucky LouisvilleBonita K Baker attorney Bonita K Baker - Louisville, KY is a Very good lawyer practice area in Family,Bonita K Baker

if you have any problem in Family,please email to Bonita K Baker or call 502-442-7956 or Go to our company directly(addr:730 W. Market Street Suite 400Louisville,KY) ,we will provide free legal advice for you.

  • When marriages end, it is critical to your future to protect your financial interests. That's why so many look to family lawyer Bonita K. Baker, Attorney At Law, of Louisville, Kentucky.

    Bonita Baker has been crafting custom solutions and providing caring service to divorce clients since 1979. Our firm's passion is to help divorcing clients obtain the most optimal financial settlement possible in their dissolution of marriage. The approach is simple: aim for the best settlement possible every time.

    Our office is adept at working through every kind of divorce, legal separation, child custody/visitation, spousal maintenance, prenuptial agreement and child support issue. We are trained and experienced in collaborative divorce and family law mediation. Bonnie sees herself as a true "counselor at law," guiding men and women clients through the most difficult transition of their lives. Bonnie treats clients as individuals, not just cases. As a divorced mother of two, she understands what matters to parents making a major change.

    Our technical skills are also second to none. Many lawyers back away from drafting QDROs because of the complexity and high risk involved in dividing retirement benefits. We are also skilled at complex property division, including family businesses and multiple real estate holdings.

    Bonita Baker has spoken widely to both the public and other family lawyers. She has spoken on the financial considerations of divorce, ethical considerations in child custody cases and problems encountered handling QDROs. She has presented "Q Is For QDRO (or Quagmire)" multiple times to the Louisville Bar Association.

    We serve clients living in the Louisville metro and surrounding cities and counties. We welcome payment by credit card. When you have a serious family legal issue to resolve, go with experience and ability. Go with Bonita K. Baker, Attorney at Law.

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