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Everybody in business knows that suing someone or being sued yourself is an extremely stressful and often times expensive process. If you are proactive and keep your attorney well informed, the experience will be less stressful and meetings with your attorney will be more efficient. The following is a list of documents you should copy and provide to your attorney at your initial consultation if you are suing someone or being sued.

Documents              Notes

   Summons and Complaint from the other side                
   ALL your files regarding the other party                

   ALL your correspondence with or regarding other party                           
   ALL insurance policies                    

   Incorporation documents                  

   Calendars or day timers if they refer to the other party            

   Phone logs & message pads refering to the other party            


   Purchase orders                    

   Emails from the other side                  

   Documentation relating to any product at issue              

   Any employee with knowledge of events in the litigation            

   Tax returns                      

   Financial statements                    

   Canceled checks                    

   Bills or invoices                      


   Employee files                      

   Files from previous litigation                  

   Files from previous attorneys                  

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