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I, the undersigned, [NAME], residing at [YOUR COMPLETE ADDRESS], in the City of [CITY], Province of [STATE/PROVINCE], do hereby solemnly declare that:

I am one of the subscribing witnesses to the execution by [SPECIFY] on behalf of [SPECIFY] (the [SPECIFY]) and [SPECIFY] Corporation (the [SPECIFY]) of the [SPECIFY] Deed of [SPECIFY] (the [SPECIFY]) thereto, the whole on the [DAY] day of [MONTH, YEAR].

The said [SPECIFY] was duly executed by said [SPECIFY] and said [SPECIFY] and intervened to by said [SPECIFY] on the date and in the place therein mentioned in my presence and in the presence of [SPECIFY], the other subscribing witness thereto, both of us being of full age of maturity.


of [CITY], [State/Province] of [STATE/PROVINCE]
this [DAY] day of [MONTH, YEAR].

Commissioner for Oaths in and for
the judicial district of [SPECIFY DISTRICT]

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