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DallasTexas(TX) Bassett, Michael H. personal infomation and areas of practice

Texas Dallas The Bassett Firm attorney Bassett, Michael H.
  • Lawyer name:Bassett, Michael H.
  • Address:3838 Oak Lawn Avenue Suite 1300Dallas,TX
  • Phone:214-219-9900
  • Fax:214-219-9456
  • PostalCode:75219
  • WebSite:
  • Areas of Practice:Mediation Personal Injury Premises Liability Products Liability Transportation Litigation Professional

Texas DallasThe Bassett Firm attorney Bassett, Michael H. is a Very good lawyer practice area in Mediation Personal Injury Premises Liability Products Liability Transportation Litigation Professional Liability ,Personal Injury -- Defense, Products Liability Law, Transportation Law,The Bassett Firm

if you have any problem in Liability ,Personal Injury -- Defense, Products Liability Law, Transportation Law,please email to The Bassett Firm or call 214-219-9900 or Go to our company directly(addr:3838 Oak Lawn Avenue Suite 1300Dallas,TX) ,we will provide free legal advice for you.

  • "I will be liken to the raindrop which washes away the mountain; the ant who devours a tiger; the star which brightens the earth . . . I will build my castle one brick at a time for I know that small attempts, repeated, will complete any undertaking. I will persist until I succeed."? ~ Og Mandino.

  • Texas, 1987 U.S. District Court Northern District of Texas U.S. District Court Southern District of Texas U.S. District Court Eastern District of Texas

  • Dallas Bar Association (Member) American Bar Association (Member, Litigation Section) State Bar of Texas (Member) American Inns of Court - San Antonio Chapter, 1986 - 1987 (Student Member) American Trucking Association (Member) American Transportation Lawyers Association (Member) DRI Transportation Committee (Trucking Sub-Committee) (Member)

  • St. Mary's University School of Law, San Antonio, Texas, 1987J.D., Doctor of JurisprudenceHonors: With DistinctionLaw Review: St. Mary's Law Journal, Articles Editor, 1986 - 1987 University of Texas, El Paso, Texas, 1984B.B.A., Bachelor of Business AdministrationHonors: cum laudeHonors: With Honors; Editor - UTEP Honors Program; Dean's List, 1979-1980,Honors: 1981-1982, 1983-1984; Top Ten Senior, 1984Major: AccountingMajor: Finance


    ????????? A man lies in a ditch, unable to rise on his own and at the mercy of others wishing to do him harm.? Hundreds pass by; including those whom the man believed his closest friends, failing to offer aid until finally. . . the Good Samaritan arrives.

    ???? ??????? It is not until one is able to identify with the man in the ditch that he comes to truly value the strength received from the Good Samaritan.?

    ??????????? Therefore, we at The Bassett Firm adopt this as our Mission Statement:

    ??????????? To worry about our clients' cases so that they do not have to;

    ??????????? To counsel our clients in ways that best benefit them, even at our own expense;

    ??????????? To listen to our clients;

    ??????????? To strive to not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations;

    ??????????? To participate professionally in an often unprofessional arena;

    ??????????? To be grateful for all that we have by giving back to the community;? and,

    ??????????? To show our appreciation for those whose blood, sweat and tears go in to carrying out this Mission.

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