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                            Georgia Limited Liability Company
Articles of Organization



First: The name of the limited liability company is _____________________________.

Second: The address of its registered office in the state of _________________ is ________________________________________________________________ in the City of ____________________. The name of its registered agent at such address is ________________________________.

Third: (Use this paragraph only if the company is to have a specific effective date of dissolution.) The latest date on which the limited liability company is to dissolve is ______________.

Fourth: The company shall be managed by [choose one:] _______ Manager(s) OR _______ Members. The names and addresses of manager(s) or members are as follows:

Fifth: The members or managers [choose one:] _________ have OR _________ have not addressed additional matters. If additional matters are addressed in attached pages, the number of additional pages attached is: ________.

Sixth: Certificate of Acceptance of Appointment of Resident Agent:
I, ____________________________________________, hereby accept appointment as Resident Agent for the above named limited liability company.

Signature of Resident Agent


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