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VancouverWashington(WA) Foster, Teresa L. personal infomation and areas of practice

Washington Vancouver Morse Bratt Andrews & Foster, PLLC attorney Foster, Teresa L.
  • Lawyer name:Foster, Teresa L.
  • Address:108 E. Mill Plain Boulevard Vancouver,WA
  • Phone:877-818-7852
  • Fax:360-213-2030
  • PostalCode:98660
  • WebSite:
  • Areas of Practice:Family Law,Child Custody, Divorce, Family Law

Washington VancouverMorse Bratt Andrews & Foster, PLLC attorney Foster, Teresa L. is a Very good lawyer practice area in Family Law,Child Custody, Divorce, Family Law,Morse Bratt Andrews & Foster, PLLC

if you have any problem in Family Law,Child Custody, Divorce, Family Law,please email to Morse Bratt Andrews & Foster, PLLC or call 877-818-7852 or Go to our company directly(addr:108 E. Mill Plain Boulevard Vancouver,WA) ,we will provide free legal advice for you.

  • I joined Morse, Bratt, Andrews & Foster PLLC because I wanted to practice law at a firm with deep roots in the Southwest Washington community.?? I am also pleased to be associated with lawyers who are qualified to assist clients in a variety of legal areas, including business and estate planning.

    My practice area is limited to family law, including divorce, custody, parenting plans, modifications and prenuptial agreements.? I have effectively represented hundreds of clients in Washington and Oregon, and have litigated cases in both states.? My clients have ranged from those who need assistance for a simple divorce, to those with multiple businesses and holdings.?? Custody matters are especially important to me, since I realize that the welfare of children is of the highest priority.

    As an attorney who focuses on family law, I understand that a client needs to be kept informed about their case from beginning to end, and that they need to have an attorney who is available to answer questions and address the multitude of emotions they feel as their case proceeds.? I always endeavor to respond to a client's questions on the same day whenever possible, and to provide them with a means to contact me outside of normal business hours.? Perhaps most importantly, I understand that clients need to feel confident that their attorney can effectively represent them in court when settlement is simply no longer an option.?

    My goal is simple:? To meet the needs of my client by providing sound and prompt advice, and by taking direct action to accomplish their goals.??

  • Oregon, 1997 Washington, 2003

  • Washington Bar Association Oregon Bar Association Clark County Bar Association Clark County Bar Association: Family law Section

  • Arizona State University, College of Law, Tempe, Arizona, 1997Juris Doctor Arizona State University, 1994Bachelor of Social WorkHonors: magna cum laude

  • Anyone can be an Attorney; that is "somebody legally empowered by a document power of attorney to make decisions and act on behalf of somebody else."~ Encarta Dictionary. However only some one trained in the Law, can be a Lawyer. At Morse Bratt?Andrews & Foster, PLLC we are ready to be Your Lawyers.

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