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    brother is executor of will- big mistake!?

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    He has two grown children. He has never signed a living will, power of attorney, etc. The children are concerned that he has made decisions that are unwise and completely out of character regarding his health care while in hospital (consented to surgery that he would have refused while still competent). Is there a way to stop the doctor from performing the surgery without going to court? Is there a way to protect him from being declared incompetent by the hospital or government and falling under their guardianship?. . His children are good people, but too poor for lawyers and court actions. Thanks.. He has a doctor that seems like a nut with a God complex. Much more concerned with possibly extending the man's life for 6 months tops with open heart surgery, than with IMPROVING the patients life in any way. Doctor will never give a straight answer when asked if the procedure will improve quality of life. We all look at the patient, and know that he is terminal and will not live long no matter what they do.. The kids are afraid to talk to the doctor about it for fear that he will try to get the patient declared incompetent by the hospital or government or whomever, because he is so bent on an agressive treatment strategy, and the children are opposed.. Anyone who thinks this is about inheritance is making erroneous assumptions. The man is 75, has less than 15% heart muscle function left, has lung problems due to asbestosis, has crippling pain in joints and back, and is in general miserable. Now his condition is he is no longer responding to anyone, doctor, nurses, anyone. Oxygen deprivation. And being so ill, he will not do anything but suffer from this point on, no matter what they do. HE IS TERMINAL, regardless of what is done in his treatment. open heart surgery will only cause more suffering on the short trip to the grave. this is not a difficult concept to grasp.. . my role is sister to the patient.. This is end stage congestive heart failure.. Accusations and assumptions are not useful to anyone here. If that is all you have to offer, save your wind and go answer a different question. How odd that so many of you should only have testicles on the internet..

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