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By signing this document I declare that I do not have in my possession, nor have I failed to return, any trade secrets, or confidential or proprietary information of the company including, but not limited to, specifications, drawings, blue prints, reproductions, notes, reports, proposals, plans, customer lists, marketing materials, or other documents or materials, tools, equipment or other property belonging to the company.

I further declare that I have complied, and will continue to comply, with all terms of any employment, invention, assignment, trade secret, proprietary information, secrecy, non-competition, non-solicitation and non-recruitment agreements signed by me with the company, including the reporting of any activities on my part required by any of these agreements.

I further agree that in compliance with the above-referenced agreements, I will preserve as confidential all proprietary, technical and business information pertaining to the company.

I further acknowledge that I have received a copy of this statement and have signed it voluntarily.

I declare the above to be true and correct pursuant to the penalty of perjury of the laws of this State.


Employee Signature

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