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Organization seeks innovation
Demonstrated ability to survey dynamic environment and develop new product/services to fit the changing environment
Frequently and continually innovating, developing, and testing new products/services
Competitors are uncertain about prospectors future strategic decisions and actions

Searches for market stability
Produces only a limited product line for a narrow segment of total potential market
Seeks to protect its well-established business
Does whatever is necessary to aggressively prevent competitors from entering their turf
Can carve out and maintain niches within their industries that competitors find difficult to penetrate

Strategy of analysis and imitation
Thoroughly analyzes new business ideas before deciding to jump in
Watches for and copies the promising successful ideas of prospectors

Lacks coherent strategic plan
Simply reacts to environmental changes
Makes strategic adjustments only when finally forced to do so
Unable to respond quickly to environmental changes because resources/capabilities are lacking or are not developed or exploited properly

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