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This Assignment of a Claim for Damages (the Assignment) is made and effective [DATE],

BETWEEN:  [YOUR COMPANY NAME] (the "Assignor"), a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the [State/Province] of [STATE/PROVINCE], with its head office located at: [YOUR COMPLETE ADDRESS]

AND:  [ASSIGNEE NAME] (the "Assignee"), a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the [State/Province] of [STATE/PROVINCE], with its head office located at: [COMPLETE ADDRESS]

FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the Assignor hereby sells and transfers to the Assignee and its successors, assigns and personal representatives, any and all claims, demands, and cause or causes of action of any kind whatsoever which the undersigned has or may have against [NAME], arising from the following type claim:


And the undersigned may in its own name and for its own benefit prosecute, collect, settle, compromise and grant releases on said claim as it in its sole discretion deems advisable.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Assignment on the day and year first above written.

Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of:


Authorized Signature          Authorized Signature

Print Name and Title          Print Name and Title

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