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Have we developed alternate source for obtaining needed resources?
Are resources procured in a timely fashion? At lowest possible cost? At acceptable quality level?
How efficient and effective are our procedures for procuring large capital expenditures resources such as plant, machinery, and buildings?
Are criteria in place for deciding n lease-versus-purchase decisions?
Have we established sound long-term relationship with reliable suppliers?


How successful have our R&D activities been in product and process innovations?
Is the relationship between R&D employees and other departments strong and reliable?
Have technology development activities been able to meet critical deadlines?
What is the quality of our organizations laboratories and other research facilities?
How qualified and trained are our laboratory technicians and scientists?
Does our organizational culture encourage creativity and innovation?


How effective are our procedures for recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees?
Are there appropriate employee promotion policies in place and are they used effectively?
How appropriate are reward systems for motivating and challenging employees?
Do we have a work environment that minimizes absenteeism and keeps turnover at reliable levels?
Are union-organization relations acceptable?
Do managers and technical personnel actively participate in professional organization?
Are levels of employee motivation, job commitment, and job satisfaction acceptable?


Is our organization able to identify potential external opportunities and threats?
Does our strategic planning facilitate and enhance the accomplishment of organizational goals?
Are value chain activities coordinated and integrated throughout the organization?
Can we obtain relatively low-cost funds for capital expenditures and working capital?
Does our information system support strategic and operational decision making?
Does our information system provide timely and accurate information on general environmental trends and competitive conditions?
Do we have good relationships with our stakeholders including public policy makers and interest groups?
Do we have a good public image of being a responsible corporate citizen?

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