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Is there a materials control system? How well does it work?
What type of inventory control system is there? How well does it work?
How are raw materials handled and warehoused?
How efficiently are raw materials handled and warehoused?


How productive is our equipment as compared to our competitors?
What type of plant layout is used? How efficient is it?
Are production control systems in place to control quality and reduce cost? How efficient and effective are they in doing so?
Are we using the appropriate level of automation in our production processes?


Are finished products delivered in a timely fashion to customers?
Are finished products efficiently delivered to customer?
Are finished products warehoused efficiently?


Is marketing research effectively used to identify customer segments and needs?
Are sales promotions and advertising innovative?
Have alternative distribution channels been evaluated?
How competent is the sales force? Is their level of motivation as high as it can be?
Does our organization present an image of quality to our customers?
Does our organization have a favorable reputation?
How brand loyal are our customers? Does our brand loyalty need improvement?
Do we dominate the various market segments we are in?


How well do we solicit customer input for product improvement?
How promptly and effectively are customer complaints handled?
Are our products warranty and guarantee policies appropriate?
How effectively do we train employees in customer educations and service issues?
How well do we provide replacement parts and repair services?

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