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Washington VancouverChad Schaff attorney Schaff, Chad is a Very good lawyer practice area in Bankruptcy Law Estate Planning Probate & Estate Administration Trusts Wills ,Bankruptcy Law, Estate Planning, Probate & Estate Administration, Trusts, Wills,Chad Schaff

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  • Oregon, 2002 U.S. District Court District of Oregon, 1996

  • Federal Bar Association Young Lawyers Division Board St. Andrew Legal Clinic Volunteer Portland Area Business Association

  • Gonzaga University School of Law, Spokane, Washington, 2001J.D. Rocky Mountain College, 1996B.A.

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estate planning

For example, for your rapture estate plan, it wouldn't make much sense to give your Christian friend your house, right?.

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regardless of party affiliation, etc.... . i'm not going to get into detail, but what would you think about a federal flat tax to provide for a military, and common defense, political (legislative, executive and law) and private government agency salaries, interstate systems. then leave each individual state to mandate it's own taxes for roads, public education, law enforcement etc.. . i think it would create a massive scale down in government power, and leave very little room for corruption as every penny would have to stretch around the american government. also in my opinion, it would give states the rights and power to solve it's own problems. considering things that are good for missouri may not be good for alaska, right? i think it sounds great on paper, but so does many ideologies that fail time and time again. i think if it was kept as a low federal tax based on income or something of the sort, perhaps there would be a sales tax increase. i'm not sure though. i also think cherities would get a boost under such a system.. i'm asking this because i am writing a paper for college on creating my own political party, and it's a massive project. i'm a conservative libertarian and i would like my party to share that ideology. and if anyone could give me some advice or input i would appreciate it, considering such a system as the fair tax hasn't really been in place in any nation in history. should i look into Austrian economics as well? considering i hear alot of conservatives and libertarians say that it is a good system.

Is called an "Agreed Order" you title it just like the divorce papers with the file number, parties etc. Everything is the same on the top part. Then you type in 12 bold, underlined caps AGREED ORDER space down two lines and write it is agreed the the defendant (or whichever the father is) and the plaintiff have agreed in the best interest of all parties involved that the child support amount for (child's name who was born to this marriage on (child's date of birth) will be $(monthly amount) and date(s) it's to be paid and the amounts of the payments. Then space down and make a blank for you to sign, him to sign and another for the judge. Put a title under each blank that states the names of the parties. I couldn't find a template you can use, but if you still don't understand, message me your email address and I will send you an example. Good Luck! I don't know about your state, but we take them to the court house here, the judge signs off on it and we file it at the clerks office.

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