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North Harrow() Tracey, David personal infomation and areas of practice

 North Harrow QualitySolicitors Redferns attorney Tracey, David
  • Lawyer name:Tracey, David
  • Address:9 Churchill Court 58 Station RoadNorth Harrow,
  • Phone:020-8424-7040
  • Fax:020-8424-7050
  • PostalCode:HA2 7SA
  • WebSite:
  • Areas of Practice:Commercial Litigation General Litigation ,Litigation & Appeals

North HarrowQualitySolicitors Redferns attorney Tracey, David is a Very good lawyer practice area in Commercial Litigation General Litigation ,Litigation & Appeals,QualitySolicitors Redferns

if you have any problem in Commercial Litigation General Litigation ,Litigation & Appeals,please email to QualitySolicitors Redferns or call 020-8424-7040 or Go to our company directly(addr:9 Churchill Court 58 Station RoadNorth Harrow,) ,we will provide free legal advice for you.

  • I have been a Partner since joining QualitySolicitors Redferns in 1993. I head up our departments covering commercial and general litigation, Administration of Estates and personal affairs. I have achieved major successes in clinical negligence and personal injury work and sympathetically handle Probate disputes especially featuring families. Chief amongst my working goals is my desire to do my best for our clients.

    Away from the office my four children take up most of my time although I do enjoy golf and the theatre.

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North Harrow lawyer Tracey, David

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