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Texas Dallas Spencer Law, P.C. attorney Johnson, Zachary Everett
  • Lawyer name:Johnson, Zachary Everett
  • Address:2501 Oak Lawn Avenue Suite 295Dallas,TX
  • Phone:214-380-0738
  • Fax:214-630-9264
  • PostalCode:75219 -4079
  • WebSite:
  • Areas of Practice:Probate Litigation (disputes) Probate & Estate Administration Trusts Wills Guardianships

Texas DallasSpencer Law, P.C. attorney Johnson, Zachary Everett is a Very good lawyer practice area in Probate Litigation (disputes) Probate & Estate Administration Trusts Wills Guardianships Estate Planning ,Estate Planning, Litigation & Appeals, Probate & Estate Administration, Trusts, Wills,Spencer Law, P.C.

if you have any problem in Estate Planning ,Estate Planning, Litigation & Appeals, Probate & Estate Administration, Trusts, Wills,please email to Spencer Law, P.C. or call 214-380-0738 or Go to our company directly(addr:2501 Oak Lawn Avenue Suite 295Dallas,TX) ,we will provide free legal advice for you.

  • At Spencer Law, P.C., we believe that the success that we have had in our estate litigation practice is directly related to our client relationships and the time and energy we put into each of our cases. It is also because of our competitive nature and our utter disdain for losing. We prepare and fight hard for results, and your case will be no different.

    For excellent and caring representation at reasonable rates, contact Spencer Law, P.C., today.

    There are no caveats to quality personal service at Spencer Law, P.C.; it is expected. Our Dallas estate, trust, guardianship and fiduciary litigation attorneys are committed to helping our clients understand their legal options when it comes to emotionally tense and financially draining disputes regarding property and finances. We pride ourselves in making our clients feel like they are part of us ? part of a team that is fighting for a cause: your case.

    From will and trust contests to guardianship and fiduciary litigation and appeals, we will help you reach solutions to your difficult and complicated estate litigation matters. We are ready anytime to go aggressively to trial if the case cannot settle.

    Dallas and Fort Worth Wills and Trust Lawyers: a Winning Team That Is Ready to Fight

    Our founder and principal attorney, R. Kevin Spencer, brings nearly two decades of legal experience to our team. An AV-rated* attorney, he, along with lawyers Zachary E. Johnson and Shadi Ashtari, work together as a team toward your goals. Each of the attorneys at Spencer Law, P.C., is certified by the State Bar of Texas to serve as an attorney ad litem in guardianships.

    In addition to the valuable knowledge and proven litigation skills and experience that our attorneys possess, our team offers dedication, tenacity and persistence recognized by our opponents. Opposing firms know we will not give up or go away without a result or resolution.

    Our innovative strategies and devotion to our clients' causes have made us admired by our peers. We know what it takes to achieve successful results, and strive in every case to be victorious

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