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Blue BellPennsylvania(PA) Dayna Rose Benn - Blue Bell, PA personal infomation and areas of practice

Pennsylvania Blue Bell Dayna Rose Benn attorney Dayna Rose Benn - Blue Bell, PA
  • Lawyer name:Dayna Rose Benn - Blue Bell, PA
  • Address:910 Harvest Drive Union Meeting Corporate CenterBlue Bell,PA
  • Phone:610-941-2492
  • Fax:610-684-2038
  • PostalCode:19422-1962
  • WebSite:
  • Areas of Practice:General Practice

Pennsylvania Blue BellDayna Rose Benn attorney Dayna Rose Benn - Blue Bell, PA is a Very good lawyer practice area in General Practice,Dayna Rose Benn

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    I kicked my ex fiancee out of the house effective June 30, but he stopped staying at the house (I'm the owner) one week before. He still has a lot of property (including furniture) in the house. I moved most of his stuff to the garage, as I purchased my own furniture. He is ignoring my calls and texts. How long do I have to keep his stuff before I can sell it? Also I want to send him a certified letter, can you suggest any wording?.

    My girlfriend is obtaining financial power of attorney over her mother, who is mentally incapable of manager her finances. Everyone has signed the POA forms. What must be done now? The ultimate goal is for my girlfriend to obtain control over all the bank accounts, as well as the house her mother lives in. What would the next steps be to make this happen? Does she take the POA form to the bank? Does she need to take it to the loan company who is in charge of the mortgage?.

    The company asks for resumes and cover letters online, but doesnt have any specific person for whom to address in the cover letter. This is a company with nationwide locations. I wasnt sure how to go about addressing someone specific if none is listed. Could ya'll please offer some tips? Thank you very much..

    do you have to change your name on your drivers license? . My husband is in the service and I have a texas DL. I wont be back to texas for at least 4 months. Can I wait that long to change the name? Does it even matter if I change it at all?.

    I heard of statues of royalty being torn down but no cities or towns that I know of were changed.

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